Clarity Concepts introduces the concepts you need to understand to implement a universal and repeatable 3-step process for preparing and delivering powerful business communication.

It includes 12 short, powerful and practical modules, you will learn how to get out of the details so you can get heard and get ahead.


“That when I ‘stay on the reservation’ and stick to the ideas that are introduced in the course my messages land, and when I don’t they don’t,” James

“I have learnt that a presentation pack made up of a lot of details does not always mean that you get the message across. I have learnt that less is more, just need to focus on getting the point across in a more clear and defined way,” Marley


“Draw up an independent storyline before creating the pack,” Andrew

“Make sure I follow the 10-point plan when building this storyline and checking with a colleague,” Andrew

Begin your  journey toward communicating with
clarity, confidence and cut through now
  •  #1: You need your recommendations to be endorsed faster 
  • #2: You are tired of repeatedly reworking your communication 
  • #3: You want a repeatable process for preparing all key communication 
  • #4: You know that strong communication skills are key to promotion
  • #5: You know you can succeed with the right toolkit
A bit about Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles

Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles started Clarity College in 2009 to offer their clients flexibility in the way they learn to improve the clarity of their communication.

They blend their top-tier management consulting experience with their education backgrounds to deliver practical, challenging and engaging programs.

Together, they have more than 50 years' experience in helping others get out of the details so they can get heard and get ahead.
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