Helping executives of all kinds
get out of the details, get heard and get ahead
Decades of experience helping professionals from all backgrounds
make the complex clear and the clear compelling in all types of communication.
It's time to avoid the curse of knowledge
Discover how to create clarity in your own time with Clarity Concepts: One simple process to help you make the complex clear and the clear compelling.

12 practical and powerful modules cover the core concepts needed to clarify and communicate your core message in any form: especially emails, papers, PowerPoint decks. 

Draws from our 50+ years' experience helping people from all sectors get cut through with complex messages.
USD299 for 3 months access. 
Grab an easy to read reference to keep by your desk: The So What Strategy: We introduce and explain the seven most commonly used storyline patterns we see in our work. 

These patterns offer a pattern for you to follow, fast-tracking your ability to communicate complex ideas clearly.

These patterns enable you to create clearer, more powerful communication more quickly. 

Here is what two of our readers have said:

This could be the best investment that you make this year to improve yourself: My former McKinsey colleagues Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles have just published a guide to helping people get traction behind their ideas. It’s about ensuring that you’ve been understood so that you can engage people to get things done. Highly recommended.

– Robert Lakin, Co-founder, Analytika Research, Tel Aviv

When I build a new team, these foundations of clear thinking and powerful communication are always among the first practices I introduce. The ideas are seductively simple in concept, but wickedly potent in application. They make anyone in business more effective, regardless of profession or seniority.

Stanley and Castles nail it. This is simply the single best guide to the fundamentals of clarity and persuasion in any type of business communication.

– Houston Spencer, former head of corporate communications for Rio Tinto, London UK

Master our practical 3-step process in an interactive group setting through the Clarity First Group Coaching Program

This powerful and practical fully online program helps technical experts from communicate clearly so they can get out of the details, get heard and get ahead.  

Davina leads this live, interactive and flexible three-month program.

Davina Stanley and Gerard Castles founded Clarity College to offer clients an opportunity to choose how they learn. You can learn independently or in groups through the programs we offer here, or ask us or one of our Clarity Thought Partners team to facilitate blended learning programs or wholly face-to-face programs.

We blend our top-tier management consulting experience with education backgrounds to deliver practical, engaging and powerful programs. Clients say we make it fun too.
We would love to help you get out of the details,  get heard and get ahead too.
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