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The So What Strategy
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We also offer a bundle including PowerPoint templates. 
This bundle includes 8 practical decks to:
  •  Advance your knowledge: An overview deck explains how to convert each of our 7 powerful business storylines into a PowerPoint deck. The overview includes a storyboard for each of the seven patterns, which are then also provided as individual decks that you can cut and paste from.
  •  Save you hassle: This deck saves you having to think about how to convert your thinking into a deck - you can just overwrite the copy in the existing template.
  •  Save you time: The annotated 'cut and paste' templates for each of the 7 storyline patterns discussed in the book allow you to add your own story into a pre-formatted deck, or to cut and paste sections into your own format.
"Thanks, Davina. These templates were super easy to use. They saved heaps of time - AND my recommendation was approved straight away."
- Greg, Business Analyst, Brisbane

"Thanks, Davina! I find these really useful already."
- Stefan, AI Expert, Sydney
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